Bank-to-Cloud VPN: Cost-Saving Options for Integrating AWS with AT&T Netbond

One of the first things we evaluate with a new PortX customer is their network access. Most connect via Internet Protocol Security (IPsec) VPN tunnels to an on-premise firewall. However, we recently established a connection for a new customer with AT&T’s Netbond cloud networking solution, which presented our team with exciting new integration alternatives. We’ll cover the unique options for connecting Amazon Web Services (AWS) to AT&T Netbond, the issues we uncovered, and how we developed a cost-saving solution for the customer.

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Using Github Issues as a Jekyll frontend with Github Actions

Recently I switched from WordPress to using Jekyll via Github pages. I quickly got into the habit of dumping blog post ideas into issues on my blog’s repo. It’s a great way to iterate on them and get feedback on them before actually publishing them.


The ideas keep accumulating, now how to get them published quickly? By automating it a much as possible!

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Show Command Multiple Filtering

Normally when we do show command we make use of the | to filter and put in keywords after like include, exclude, begin and section. As we all know “include” means show only that matches the string like for the example below.

R1#sh run | inc CISCO 
neighbor CISCO peer-group
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