Show Command Multiple Filtering

Patrick Lewis · March 27, 2014

Normally when we do show command we make use of the | to filter and put in keywords after like include, exclude, begin and section. As we all know “include” means show only that matches the string like for the example below.

R1#sh run | inc CISCO 
neighbor CISCO peer-group

We can do some multiple command filtering like the example below using the “include” keyword. Let’s say we want to see the interface name, then the description, the OSPF cost and if its configured with the “mpls ip” command.

R1#sh run | inc interface |^ description |^ ip ospf cost |^ mpls ip
interface FastEthernet0/0
description towards LAN
ip ospf cost 100
mpls ip

The trick is to use multiple | and then the regular expression ^. Then put a space before the string because the configurations under the interface configuration if you do a show run has a space before the line. This also applies to the “exclude” keyword but who the heck uses “exclude” that much?


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